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Calculations are estimates only, but they are based on known historical metrics and average industry data. Actual prices may vary.

This is a description of the review stages and the general methodology behind the estimated savings calculator:

First pass review traditionally means the review by which a document is determined to be responsive or not responsive. It is a surface level review that does not typically involve a deep-dive analysis of a document. A typical first pass review often is handled by a document review vendor, and not the primary law firm. The EDGE savings for this review stage are calculated based on an industry-average $1/document review rate at a 60-70 document/hour average pace, as well as a conservative average of savings for the EDGE team on a flat-fee per document basis.

Second pass review typically means the deeper-dive analysis of the documents, where the relevant documents are tagged by issue—the documents are “hot,” they relate to a certain claim(s), they relate to the case’s timeline, and like issues. Here, we based our savings estimates by comparing it to the typical second-pass review, which (a) involves just a subset of documents from the “first pass” review, (b) is handled by “Big Law” attorneys who (c) have higher billable rates and (d) are generally are not experts with technological software platforms. Our savings are estimated based on the average and historical differential between EDGE review team members and other attorneys as to these variables.

Redactions are the redaction of sensitive/confidential/privileged data, from personal information, bank account information, HIPPA-covered data, and like information. The redaction savings in this calculated is based on average review speeds and the typical rate and speed differentials between EDGE review team member and other common review teams.

All calculations are estimates only and are not to be construed as detailed estimates as to your particular document review–because each review is different and unique a consultation is necessary with EDGE team members to determine a more accurate savings. Contact us today to see how much you could save!