Cost and Technology are the two keywords in e-Discovery today.

From Technology Assisted Review (“TAR”) to analytics, technology is table stakes. But technology is only as good as those who can expertly use it, and here is where the EDGE team distinguishes itself.


the Edge team has talented and trained attorneys who provide a higher quality, more efficient, and smarter review. We have a dedicated team of document reviewers, who have the skill to take advantage of internal training, best practices, unique workflows, and other techniques to develop mastery of document review technology and tools. In addition, this team– many of whom trained at top law schools and/or worked at top law firms – have the talent to take on far more substantive tasks for a document review project. From reviewing documents in a complex subject matter (e.g., patent litigation matters) to the ability to conduct a thorough and substantive review of the document set (rather than just a first-pass review), our team can handle any kind of complex review. Ultimately, our skilled team is highly flexible, adaptable, and scalable—whether you need an entire review soup-to-nuts or just the first-pass review, whether is a small review or a review of hundreds of thousands of documents or more, we can handle all ranges of complexity and size.


in addition to being able to provide clients with a higher quality review, our talented team can conduct a review for considerably less than either document review vendors or big law firms. While each review is different, in many cases our team has handled complex reviews for less than the cost of a document review vendor and far less than the cost of a big law firm team of attorneys. In some cases we have done reviews for 70% less than the quoted cost of a document review vendor; in other cases we were less than 50% the cost of quoted cost from other firms (and, with an increase in quality and accuracy over the more expensive options).


our team is trusted and tested. The core of this team has been together for years, and have worked together on many high profile, sensitive, and complex reviews: from the review of emails from the top leadership of a Fortune 500 company in a $1 billion commercial dispute, to the complete review and analysis of documents in a significant federal investigation, to a complete review of a bet-the-company corporate dispute, our team has earned the trust of our clients in high-stakes cases.

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